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"One of the most original stylists in American literature--and one of the funniest--Sidney Joseph Perelman wrote gags for the Marx Brothers, won an Oscar for screenwriting, and wrote or collaborated on five Broadway plays. But nowhere is his zany and pyrotechnic humor more hilariously on displa...

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Main Author: Perelman, S. J. 1904-1979 (Author)
Other Authors: Gopnik, Adam (Editor)
Format: Book
Published:New York, N.Y. : Library of America, [2021]
United States : Penguin Random House Inc., [2021]
Series:Library of America ; 346.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Perelman, the Pearl of Providence / Adam Gopnik
  • Sketches and Satires. Puppets of passion: a throbbing story of youth's hot revolt against the conventions
  • Those charming people: the latest report on the Weinbloom reptile expedition
  • Scenario
  • Strictly from hunger
  • The love decoy: a story of youth in college today-awake, fearless, unashamed
  • Waiting for Santy: a Christmas playlet
  • Frou-frou, or the future of vertigo
  • Captain future, block that kick!
  • Midwinter facial trends
  • Counter-revolution
  • Beat me, post-impressionist Daddy
  • A pox on you, mine goodly host
  • Bend down, sister
  • Beauty and the bee
  • Button, button, who's got the blend?
  • Swing out, sweet chariot
  • A couple of quick ones: two portraits
  • Hell in the Gabardines
  • Farewell, my lovely appetizer
  • Hit him again, he's sober
  • Physician, steel thyself
  • Take two parts sand, one part girl, and stir
  • Sleepy-time extra
  • Amo, Amas, Amat, Amamus, Amatis, enough!
  • Send no money, honey
  • Acres and pains: chapter one
  • Acres and pains: chapter twelve
  • Don't bring me Oscars (when it's shoesies that I need)
  • Rancors aweigh
  • Mama don't want no rice
  • Columbia, the crumb of the ocean
  • Whenas in sulks my Julia goes
  • Cloudland revisited: why, doctor, what big green eyes you have!
  • Chewies the goat but flicks need hypo
  • Salesman, spare that psyche
  • The song is endless, but the malady lingers on
  • A girl and a boy anthropoid were dancing
  • Cloudland revisited: rock-a-bye, viscount, in the treetop
  • Cloudland revisited: when to the sessions of sweet silent films
  • No starch in the Dhoti, Sʹil vous plaît
  • Cloudland revisited: the wickedest woman in Larchmont
  • Swindle sheet with blueblood engrailed, arrant fibs rampant
  • Cloudland revisited: I'm sorry I made me cry
  • Sorry - no phone or mail orders
  • Next week at the Prado: Frankie Goya plus monster cast
  • You're my everything, plus city sales tax
  • Eline Kleine Mothmusik
  • Where do you work-a, John?
  • Portrait of the artist as a young mime
  • This is the forest primeval
  • Impresario on the Lam
  • Revulsion in the desert
  • Are you decent, Memsahib?
  • Tell me clear, parachutist dear, are you man or mouse?
  • Sex and the single boy
  • A soft answer turneth away royalties
  • Hello, central, give me that jolly old pelf
  • The sweet chick gone
  • Nobody knows the rubble I've seen/nobody knows but croesus
  • Three loves had I, in assorted flavors
  • Be a cat's-paw! Lose big money!
  • Moonstruck at sunset.
  • The beauty part: a comedy in two acts
  • The hindsight saga: three fragments from an autobiography. The Marx Brothers ; Nathanael West ; Dorothy Parker
  • Selected letters. To Edmund Wilson (September 2, 1929) ; To I.J. Kapstein (October 9, 1930) ; To Groucho Marx (April 7, 1943) ; To Frances and Albert Hackett (August 14, 1949) ; To Abby Perelman (April 15, 1954) ; To Leila Hadley (August 21, 1955) ; To Leila Hadley (September 16, 1955) ; To Betsy Drake (September 28, 1955) ; To Leila Hadley (August 25, 1956) ; To Leila Hadley (November 22, 1956) ; To Paul Theroux (October 18, 1976) ; To Paul Theroux (December 24, 1976)