Women intellectuals and leaders in the Middle Ages / edited by Kathryn Kerby-Fulton.

Wide-ranging examination of women's achievements in and influence on many aspects of medieval culture.

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Other Authors: Kerby-Fulton, Kathryn (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published:Woodbridge, UK : D S Brewer, 2020.
Table of Contents:
  • Frontcover
  • Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • List of Contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Taking Early Women Intellectuals and Leaders Seriously
  • Part I. Scholarship, Law, and Poetry: Jewish and Muslim Women
  • Preface to Part I: Authorship and Intellectual Life: Jewish and Muslim Women
  • 1 Gender, Scholarship, and the Construction of Authority in the Pre-Modern Muslim World
  • 2 The Historiography of Absence: Preliminary Steps towards a New History of Andalusi Women Poets
  • 3 Medieval Anglo-Jewish Women at Court
  • Part II. Authorship, Intellectual Life, and the Professional Writer
  • Preface to Part II: Intellectuals, Leaders, Doctores
  • 4 Agnes of Harcourt as Intellectual: New Evidence for the Composition and Circulation of the Vie d'Isabelle de France
  • 5 Catherine of Siena, Auctor
  • 6 Christine de Pizan on the Jews, in Three Texts: The Heures de contemplation sur la Passion de Nostre Seigneur Jhesucrist, the Fais et bonnes meurs du sage roy Charles V, and the Mutacion de Fortune
  • 7 Walking in Grandmothers' Footsteps: Mary Ward and the Medieval Spiritual and Intellectual Heritage
  • Part III. Recovering Lost Women's Authorship
  • Preface to Part III: Recovering Lost Women's Authorship: New Solutions to Old Problems
  • 8 A Woman Author? The Middle Dutch Dialogue between a "Good-willed Layperson" and a "Master Eckhart"
  • 9 Recovery and Loss: Women's Writing around Marie de France Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, with an Appendix by Ian Short
  • 10 The Visions, Experiments, and Operations of Bridget of Autruy (fl. 1305-15)
  • Part IV. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Gender, Patronage, and Power
  • Preface to Part IV: Methodological Innovations for the Study of Women's Authorship and Agency
  • 11 Written with her Own Hand: Perpetua's Representation of Non-Binary Gender in Old English Hagiography
  • 12 The Materialization of Knowledge in Thirteenth-Century England: Joan Tateshal, Robert Grosseteste, and the Tateshal Miscellany
  • 13 Networks of Influence: Widows, Sole Administration, and Unconventional Relationships in Thirteenth-Century London
  • Part V. Religious Women in Leadership, Ministry, and Latin Ecclesiastical Culture
  • Preface to Part V: Religious Women in Leadership, Ministry, and Latin Ecclesiastical Culture
  • 14 Bede's Abbesses
  • 15 Women's Latinity in the Early English Anchorhold
  • 16 The Treatment of Ordination in Recent Scholarship on Religious Women in the Early Middle Ages
  • 17 Saint Colette de Corbie (1381-1447): Reformist Leadership and Belated Sainthood
  • 18 Women Priests at Barking Abbey in the Late Middle Ages
  • Part VI. Out of the Shadows: Laywomen in Communal Leadership
  • Preface to Part VI: Laywomen as Leaders