Industrial collaboration in Nazi-occupied Europe : Norway in context /

This book brings together leading experts to assess how and whether the Nazis were successful in fostering collaboration to secure the resources they required during World War II. These studies of the occupation regimes in Norway and Western Europe reveal that the Nazis developed highly sophisticate...

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Published:London : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
Series:Palgrave studies in economic history.
Table of Contents:
  • Preface; Contents; Notes on Contributors; List of Abbreviations; List of Figures; List of Tables; 1: Perfecting theÄrt ofÈStealing: NaziËxploitation andÏndustrial Collaboration inÖccupied WesternËurope; Introduction; Variations inËxploitation; Exploitation andÈCollaboration inÈContext: AÈLiterature Review; Germany andẗheÈPeriphery; Constellations ofÈCollaboration: German Goals, Norwegian Responses; Structure andÈKey Findings; Concluding Remarks; Part I: The German Demand forÈNorwegian Resources.
  • 2: Ideology andÈBusiness Strategy: Assessing Nazi Germany's Different Approaches toẗheÈSupply ofÈLight Metals forẗheÈLuftwaffe Introduction; Aluminium andÈBusiness Strategy inẗheÈGerman Aircraft Industry; Imaginary Scarcity: TheÄluminium Supply ofẗheÈLuftwaffe, Heinrich Koppenberg andẗheÖrigins ofẗheÈLight Metal Programme forÖccupied Norway; Defeat Looming: Stabilization ofÈDemand, Secondary Aluminium andẗheÈBauxite Crisis; Conclusion; 3: Frozen Fillets fromẗheÈFar North: German Demand forÈNorwegian Fish; Introduction.
  • The German Fishing Industry andẗheÈPre-War Autarky Policy Frozen Fish inÈGermany; The German Fish Supply During theẄar; German Perception ofÈNorwegian Fisheries; Conclusion; Part II: The Western European Context: Regulation and Responses; 4: Financial andÈMonetary Developments inẗheÖccupied Netherlands, 1940-45; Introduction; Neutrality; Raising theÈCurrency Border; Clearing; The Start; German Tributes andÈGovernment Debt; Taxation; Banks, Financial Markets andÈGovernmental Deficits; Conclusions.
  • 5: Doing Business withẗheḦun: Dutch Business During theÈGerman Occupation, 1940-45 Introduction; Pre-War Dutch Industrial Preparations; German Plans forẗheÈDutch Industry; Continue Production?; Dutch Industry Accepts German Orders; Dutch Shipbuilding During World War II; Conclusions; 6: Seizure or Purchase? French Deliveries forÈGerman Purposes inẄorld War II, 1940-44; Introduction; Organizations forẗheËxploitation ofÈFrance; Contracting asäÈMeans ofËxploitation; Transfers forÈGerman Purposes; Conclusions.
  • 7: Shades ofÈCollaboration: TheÈFrench Automobile Industry Under German Occupation, 1940-44 Introduction; 1940-42: Converging Interests inÈCollaboration; 1942-44: Diverging Interests andẗheÈGerman Response; 1942-44: Diverging Interests andẗheÈFrench Response; 8: A Faustian Bargain: Denmark's Precarious Deal withẗheÈGerman War Economy; Introduction; The Institutional Framework; Auftragsverlagerung: "Special Industrial Deliveries"; Food Exports; Concluding Remarks; 9: Corporatist Institutions andËconomic Collaboration inÖccupied Belgium; Introduction; New Economic Institutions.