Species and speciation in the fossil record / edited by Warren D. Allmon and Margaret M. Yacobucci.

Although the species is one of the fundamental units of biological classification, there is remarkably little consensus among biologists about what defines a species, even within distinct sub-disciplines. The literature of paleobiology, in particular, is littered with qualifiers and cautions about a...

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Other Authors: Allmon, Warren D. (Editor) Yacobucci, Margaret M. (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published:Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: taking fossil species seriously / W.D. Allmon and M.M. Yacobucci
  • The "species concept" and the beginnings of paleobiology / David Sepkoski
  • The species problem: concepts, conflicts, and patterns preserved in the fossil record / W. Miller III
  • Studying species in the fossil record: a review and recommendations for a more unified approach / W.D. Allmon
  • The stages of speciation: a stepwise framework for analysis of speciation in the fossil record / W.D. Allmon and S.D. Sampson
  • Morphology and molecules: an integrated comparison of phenotypic and genetic rates of evolution / S.J. Hageman
  • Fitting ancestral age-dependent speciation models to fossil data / H. Liow and T. Ergon
  • Contrasting patterns of speciation in reef corals and their relationship to population connectivity / A.F. Budd and J.M. Pandolfi
  • Towards a model for speciation in ammonoids / M. Yacobucci
  • Species of decapoda (crustacea) in the fossil record: patterns, problems, and progress / E. Schweitzer and R.M. Feldmann
  • Fossil species as data: a perspective from echinoderms / W.I. Ausich
  • Species and the fossil record of fishes / W.E. Bemis
  • Invasive species and speciation / A.L. Stigall
  • Fossil species lineages and their defining traits: taxonomic "usefulness" and evolutionary modes / J. Hopkins and S. Lidgard
  • Geographic clines, chronoclines, and the fossil record: implications for speciation theory / R. Prothero, V.J. Syverson, K.R. Raymond, M. Madan, S. Molina, A. Fragomeni, S. Desantis, A. Sutyagina, and G.L. Gage.