Resources, production and structural dynamics / edited by Mauro L. Baranzini, Claudia Rotondi and Roberto Scazzieri.

"Economists since the First Industrial Revolution have been interested in the links between economic growth and resources, often pointing to resource scarcities as a hindrance to growth. Offering a counter perspective, this volume highlights the positive role that scarcities can play in inducin...

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Other Authors: Baranzini, Mauro (Editor) Rotondi, Claudia (Editor) Scazzieri, Roberto (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published:New York : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
Table of Contents:
  • 1. Resources, producibility and economic dynamics: a framework / Mauro L. Baranzini, Claudia Rotondi and Roberto Scazzieri
  • Part I. Resources and Distribution in a Structural Perspective 2. On the origin of the theory of rent in economics / Luigi L. Pasinetti 3. The political economy of corn markets / D'Maris Dalton Coffman 4. The classical theory of rent / Heinz D. Kurz and Neri Salvadori 5. Profit, productive rent, and parasitic rent / Piercarlo Nicola
  • Part II. Structural Dynamics: Resources and Multi-Sectoral Linkages 6. Limits, resources, and distributional trade-offs: structural constraints and opportunities / Albert E. Steenge 7. Producible resources and producibility prices in a dynamic Leontief-Type model / Carlo D'Adda 8. The transformative potential of input-output economics for addressing critical resource challenges of the twenty-first century / Faye Duchin 9. Capital mobility and natural resources dynamics: a classical-Keynesian perspective / Heinrich Bortis 10. The chimera of a complete analysis of economic dynamics / Kumaraswamy Vela Velupillai 11. Ricardian and Schumpeterian rents: fundamental ingredients for structural economic dynamics / Michael A. Landesmann 12. Towards a structural political economy of resources / Ivano Cardinale
  • Part III. Resources, Institutions and Social Structures 13. Monetary analysis, financial innovation, and institutions before the industrial revolution: a paradigm case / Lilia Costabile 14. Institutions, resources, and economic growth in transition processes: the case of Russia / Constanze Dobler and Harald Hagemann 15. Institutions, resources and the common weal / Alessandro Roncaglia 16. Development, capabilities and institutions / Stefano Zamagni 17. Conquering scarcity: institutions, learning and creativity in the history of economic ideas / Pier Luigi Porta
  • Part IV. Resources, Industrial Change and the Structure of the World Economy 18. Resources, industrial transformation, and the structure of the world economy / Moshe Syrquin 19. Transformation and resources in the 'new' geo-economy / Marco Fortis 20. Developmental state and structural economic dynamics: necessity of industrial structure / Sunanda Sen 21. Resources, institutional forms and structural transformation in the BRICKs: the 'Hybrid Model of Late Capitalism' / Andrea Goldstein and Keun Lee 22. On manufacturing development under resources constraints / Antonio Andreoni
  • Part V. Towards a Political Economy of Resources and Structural Change 23. Resources, scarcities and rents: technological interdependence and the dynamics of socio-economic structures / Roberto Scazzieri, Mauro L. Baranzini and Claudia Rotondi; Index.