Tyrants : a history of power, injustice, and terror / Waller R. Newell.

"The forces of freedom are challenged everywhere by a newly energized spirit of tyranny, whether it is Jihadist terrorism, Putin's imperialism, or the ambitions of China's dictatorship, writes Waller Newell in this engaging exposé of a thousand dangers. We will see why tyranny is a pe...

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Main Author: Newell, Waller R. (Waller Randy), 1952- (Author)
Format: Book
Published:New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • The strange career of tyranny
  • The three faces of tyranny
  • The ancient and modern understandings of tyranny
  • tyrants in waiting : terrorism and the righteous anger of young men
  • The beautification of violence
  • The challenge of tyranny in today's world
  • pt,. I. The rage of Achilles : from Homeric heroes to lord and god of the world
  • Homeric kings and heroes
  • Kings of the world : universal monarchy
  • Tyranny or Republic? : the emergence of the West
  • The greatest Republic
  • The universal landlord : from Republic to Empire
  • pt. II. City of God or city of man? : the tyrant as modern state builder
  • The fall of the West
  • Feudal monarchy and the Great Chain of Being
  • God's shadow on earth : the Ottoman Caliphate
  • Princes and peoples : the rebirth of the West
  • By God and my right : those fascinating Tudors
  • The tyrant as state builder lives on : benevolent despotism
  • pt. III. The eagles will drop dead from the skies : millenarian tyranny from Robespierre to Al Qaeda
  • The natural condition of man : Rousseau's murderous dream
  • Robespierre and the algebra of mass murder
  • The hallmarks of millenarian tyranny
  • The time of the great noon : millenarian revolution goes underground
  • No second thermidor : millenarian tyranny returns
  • The number-one Leninist
  • The national socialist world blessing
  • The Führer
  • From national socialism to thrid-world socialism to the international jihad
  • The tyrannical personality
  • Millenarian tyranny today
  • A worldwide caliphate : jihadism's utopian vision
  • The nuclear republic of God
  • Terrorism is a means to an end : revolutionary utopia
  • Conclusion : how democracy can win
  • All aboard for the tyranny tour
  • Vladimir Putin : reformer and kleptocrat with a dash of the millenarian
  • The tour continues : democracy and the tyrannical temptation
  • what should the West do?
  • The frontiers of Twenty-First Century revolution
  • A homeopathic cure for the tyrannical temptation.