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The modern age is no stranger to the cabinet of curiosities, the freak show, or a drawer full of odds and ends. These collections of oddities engagingly work against the rationality and order of the conventional archive found in a university, a corporation, or a governmental holding. In form, method...

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Other Authors: Eburne, Jonathan P. (Editor), Roof, Judith, 1951- (Editor)
Format: Book
Published:Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 2016.
Series:Year's work (Bloomington, Ind.)
Table of Contents:
  • 1. Pawning, Picking, Storing, Hoarding: Archiving America on Reality Television. An examination of the massive reality television fixation on picking, storing, pawning, and hoarding / Joseph Campana and Tedd Bale
  • 2. Germ Wars: Dirty Hands, Drinking Lips and Dixie Cups. A discussion of germs, gender, and the Dixie Cup Archive / Atia Sattar
  • 3. The Archive of the Archive of the Archive: The FEMA Signs of Post-Katrina New Orleans and the Vévé of Vodoun. A comparison of Veve and FEMA markings in post-Katrina New Orleans / Beth McCoy
  • 4. "Marcuse's Unreason: The Biology of Revolution." Rereading Marcuse's odd positioning in the world of political philosophy / Robin Blyn
  • 5. The Madness of Slavoj Žižek. Ponders the ubiquity of Slavoj Žižek / Dennis Allen
  • 6. Fish Kit. A look at David Lynch's extra-cinematic art of assemblage and dissection / Jonathan P. Eburne
  • 7. The Eighteenth-Century Archives du Monde: The Question of Agency in Extinction Stories. Considers Native American and Colonial theories for the extinction of dinosaurs / Timothy Sweet
  • 8. Modernist Heterochrony, Evolutionary Biology, and the Chimera of Time. How bodies, genes, and H.G. Wells play with heterochronies / Charles Tung
  • 9. THERE IS AS YET INSUFFICIENT DATA FOR A MEANINGFUL ANSWER: Information at the Literary Limit. What happens when the archive has too much and not enough / Aaron Jaffe
  • 10. Personifying La Con, or Post-Hoax Ergo Proper Hoax Anatomizes hoaxes and their dependence on an archive / Judith Roof
  • 11. The Eleventh Commandment. Being revolutionary with Thomas Paine and Saint Paul / Grant Farred
  • 12. The Archive that Knew Too Little: The International Necronautical Society and the Avant-Garde. What happens when the INS plays with itself / Seth Morton
  • Afterword. To Prophecy post hoc': The curious afterlives of oddball archives" / David L. Martin.