A companion to Greek and Roman political thought / edited by Ryan K. Balot.

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Other Authors: Balot, Ryan K. 1969-
Format: Book
Published:Malden, MA ; Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
Edition:First paperback edition.
Series:Blackwell companions to the ancient world. Literature and culture.
Table of Contents:
  • The broad view. Introduction: Rethinking the history of Greek and Roman political thought / Ryan K. Balot
  • What is politics in the ancient world? / Dean Hammer
  • Early Greek political thought in its Mediterranean context / Kurt A. Raaflaub
  • Civic ideology and citizenship / P.J. Rhodes
  • Public action and rational choice in classical Greek political theory / Josiah Ober
  • Imperial ideologies, citizenship myths, and legal disputes in classical Athens and Republican Rome / Craige B. Champion
  • Gendered politics, or the self-praise of Andres Agathoi / Giulia Sissa
  • The religious contexts of ancient political thought / Robin Osborne
  • Democracies and Republics. Democracy Ancient and Modern / Peter Liddel
  • "Rights," individuals, and communities in Ancient Greece / Paul Cartledge and Matt Edge
  • Personal freedom in Greek democracies, Republican Rome, and modern liberal states / Robert W. Wallace
  • The mixed constitution in Greek thought / David E. Hahm
  • Republican virtues / Malcolm Schofield
  • Roman democracy? / W. Jeffrey Tatum
  • The virtues and vices of one-man rule. The uses and abuses of tyranny / Sara Forsdyke
  • Hellenistic monarchy in theory and practice / Arthur M. Eckstein
  • The ethics of autocracy in the Roman world / Carlos F. Noreña
  • The passions of Ancient politics. Political animals: pathetic animals / Giulia Sissa
  • Anger, eros, and other political passions i Ancient Greek thought / Paul W. Ludwig
  • Some passionate performances in late Republican Rome / Robert A. Kaster
  • The Athens of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. The trial and death of Socrates / Debra Nails
  • The politics of Plato's Socrates / Rachana Kamtckar
  • Freedom, tyranny, and the political man: Plato's Republic and Gorgias, a study in contrasts / Arlene W. Saxonhouse
  • Plato on the sovereignty of law / Zena Hitz
  • :Naturalism" in Aristotle's political philosophy / Timothy Chappell
  • The ethics of Aristotle's Politics / David J. Depew
  • Constructing political narrative. Imitating virtue and avoiding vice: ethical functions of biography, history, and philosophy / Charles W. Hedrick, Jr.
  • Greek drama and political thought / John Gibert
  • Character in politics / Philip A. Stadter
  • Antipolitics. Cosmopolitan traditions / David Konstan
  • False idles: the politics of the "quiet life" / Eric Brown
  • Citizenship and signs: rethinking Augustine on the Two Cities / Todd Breyfogle
  • Receptions. Republicanism: Ancient, medieval, and beyond / Christopher Nadon
  • Twentieth Century revivals of ancient political thought: Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss / Catherine H. Zuckert.