Reality check : how science deniers threaten our future /

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Main Author: Prothero, Donald R.
Format: Book
Published:Bloomington and Indianapolis : Indiana University Press, 2013.
Table of Contents:
  • Reality check
  • Science, our candle in the darkness
  • Betrayers of the truth: selling out science
  • Making the environment the enemy: acid rain, the ozone hole, and the demonization of Rachel Carson
  • Hot enough for you? The heated debate over a warming planet
  • Gimme that old time religion: creationism, intelligent design, and the denial of humanity's place in nature
  • Jenny's body count: playing Russian roulette with our children
  • Victims of modern witch doctors: AIDS denialism
  • If it quacks like a quack: snake-oil con artists in an era of medical science
  • What's your sign? the ancient pseudoscience of astrology
  • Down the slope of Hubbert's curve: the end of cheap oil and natural resources
  • Far from the madding crowd: human overpopulation and its consequences
  • The rejection of reality: how the denial of science threatens us all.