Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Chinese American historiography : what difference has the Asian American movement made? / Sucheng Chan
  • History as law and life : Tape v. Hurley and the origins of the Chinese American middle class / Mae M. Ngai
  • The activism of left-wing and Communist Chinese immigrants, 1927-1933 / Josephine Fowler
  • Filling the rice bowls of China : staging humanitarian relief during the Sino-Japanese War / Karen J. Leong and Judy Tzu-Chun Wu
  • From pariah to paragon : shifting images of Chinese Americans during World War II / K. Scott Wong
  • From chop suey to Mandarin cuisine : fine dining and the refashioning of Chinese ethnicity during the Cold War era / Madeline Y. Hsu
  • Searching for roots in contemporary China and Chinese America / Andrea Louie
  • The "spirit of Changle" : constructing a Chinese regional identity in New York / Xiaojian Zhao.