Dinosaur Provincial Park : a spectacular ancient ecosystem revealed /

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Other Authors: Currie, Philip J., Koppelhus, Eva B.
Format: Book
Published:Bloomington : Indiana University Press, [2005], ©2005.
Series:Life of the past.
Table of Contents:
  • History of research / Philip J. Currie
  • Identifying lost quarries / Darren H. Tanke
  • The geology / David A. Eberth
  • Paleomagnetostratigraphy / Jack F. Lerbekmo
  • Vertebrate microfossil sites and their contribution to studies of paleoecology / Donald B. Brinkman, Anthony P. Russell, and Jiang-Hua Peng
  • Campanian palynomorphs / Dennis R. Braman and Eva B. Koppelhus
  • Paleobotany / Eva B. Koppelhus
  • Paleoecology of mollusks from the Upper Cretaceous Belly River Group / Paul A. Johnston and Austin J.W. Hendy
  • Fishes of the fluvial beds / Andrew G. Neuman and Donald B. Brinkman
  • Lissamphibians / James D. Gardner
  • Turtles : diversity, paleoecology, and distribution / Donald B. Brinkman
  • Choristoderes from the park and its vicinity / Keqin Gao and Donald B. Brinkman
  • The squamates : origins, phylogeny, and paleoecology / Michael W. Caldwell
  • Plesiosaurian remains from non-marine to paralic sediments / Tamaki Sato ... [et al.]
  • Crocodylians / Xiao-Chun Wu
  • Pterosaurs / Stephen J. Godfrey and Philip J. Currie
  • Ornithischian dinosaurs / Michael J. Ryan and David C. Evans
  • The type specimen of Tetragonosaurus erectofrons (Ornithischia:Hadrosauridae) and the identification of juvenile lambeosaurines / David C. Evans, Catherine A. Forster, and Robert R. Reisz
  • Theropods, including birds / Philip J. Currie
  • Eggshells / Darla K. Zelenitsky and Wendy J. Sloboda
  • Vertebrate ichnology / Richard T. McCrea, Philip J. Currie, and S. George Pemberton
  • Late Cretaceous mammals / Richard C. Fox
  • Patterns of distribution of mammals in the Dinosaur Park Formation and their paleobiological significance / Julia T. Sankey ... [et al.]
  • Vertebrate taphonomy and taphonomic modes / David A. Eberth and Philip J. Currie
  • Precise mapping of fossil sites in the park using survey grade GPS technology / Michael MacDonald, Philip J. Currie, and William A. Spencer
  • A vertebrate assemblage from the marine shales of the Lethbridge coal zone / Donald B. Brinkman ... [et al.]
  • Ceratopsian bonebeds : occurrence, origins, and significance / David A. Eberth and Michael A. Getty
  • The geographic and stratigraphic distribution of articulated and associated dinosaur remains / Philip J. Currie and Dale A. Russell
  • CD-ROM. GIS program access and use ; Topographic map, Dinosaur Provincial Park ; Dinosaur quarries and sites, Dinosaur Provincial Park ; Photographs of dinosaur quarries.