Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

When Joel discovers that his girlfriend, Clementine, has had their tumultuous relationship erased from her mind through an experimental scientific procedure, he decides to ease his own pain by getting the same treatment. But, as each memory of Clementine is systematically eliminated, Joel suddenly r...

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Wedi'i Gadw mewn:
Manylion Llyfryddiaeth
Awdur Corfforaethol: Universal Pictures (Firm)
Awduron Eraill: Gondry, Michel., Carrey, Jim, 1962-, Winslet, Kate., Dunst, Kirsten, 1982-, Ruffalo, Mark., Wood, Elijah, 1981-, Kuras, Ellen., Brion, Jon.
Fformat: Fideo DVD
Cyhoeddwyd: Universal City, CA : Universal, c2004.
Rhifyn:Widescreen ed.

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Rhif Galw: AV: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
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