Pleasure activism : the politics of feeling good /

"How do we make social justice the most pleasurable human experience? How can we awaken within ourselves desires that make it impossible to settle for anything less than a fulfilling life? Author and editor Adrienne Maree Brown finds the answer in something she calls "pleasure activism,&qu...

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Main Author: brown, adrienne maree (Compiler)
Format: eBook
Published:Chico, CA : AK Press, [2019]
Series:Emergent strategy series.
Table of Contents:
  • section 1. Who taught you to feel good?: Uses of the erotic / by Audre Lorde ; The legacy of "Uses of the erotic" : a conversation with Cara Page ; A spoilerific gush on how Octavia Butler turns me on ; Love as political resistance ; The sweetness of salt / by Alexis Pauline Gumbs ; Why we get off / by Joan Morgan ; A pleasure philosophy : a conversation with Ingri LaFleur
  • section 2. The politics of radical sex: Pussy power / by Favianna Rodriguez ; Sex ed : a poem ; Wherein I write about sex
  • section 3. A circle of sex: Conversation with a sex toy ; Sex majik (no one told me to do it) ; Nipples are magic ; It's bloody fantastic ; Fucking/having sex/making love ; The highs, lows, and blows of having casual sex ; Confessions of a queer sex goddess ; Are you there, goD? It's me, Day / by Holiday Simmons ; Feelmore : a conversation with Nenna Joiner ; Bodyminds reimagined : a conversation with Sami Schalk ; Fuck you, pay me / by Chanelle Gallant ; A timeline/tutorial on squirting
  • sub-section: Skills for sex in the #MeToo era: From #MeToo to #WeConsent ; It's about your game ; It's time to reclaim our skin ; I want you, but I'm triggered ; Strategic celibacy ; Liberating your fantasies ; Pornography and accountability ; Use your voice
  • section 4: The politics of radical drug use: Weed on, weed off ; Conditions of possibility : a conversation with Monique Tula ; Experiments in cannabis for the collective / by Malachi Garza ; Ecstasy saved my life
  • section 5. Pleasure as political practice: sub-section: The politics of healing toward pleasure: Feeling from within ; Black woman wildness / by Junauda Petrus ; Beyond trans desire / by micha cárdenas ; Pleasure after childhood sexual abuse / by Amita Swadhin ; Fuck cancer : a conversation with Alana Devich Cyril ; Care as pleasure / by Leah Lakshmi Peipzna-Samarasinha ; sub-section: The politics of wholeness in movements: The pleasure of living at the same time as Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter ; On fear, shame, death, and humor : a conversation between the Rocca family and Zizi ; The power to make light : a conversation with Dallas Goldtooth
  • Fly as hell : a conversation with Sonya Renee Taylor ; On the pleasures of wardrobe : a conversation of Maori Holmes ; Adornment and burlesque : a conversation with Taja Lindley ; Burlesque and liberation / by Michi Osato and Una Osato ; Working the pole : a conversation with Suguey Hernandez ; Pleasure over sixty : a conversation with Idelisse Malave and Alta Starr ; The work of parenting / by Autumn Brown ; Raising sexually liberated kids / by Janine de Novais ; Tips for raising sexually liberated kids / by Zahra Ali ; subsection: The politics of liberated relationships: Radical gratitude spell ; Liberated relationships, expanded ; On nonmonogamy ; Being second ; The pleasure of deep, intentional friendship : a conversation with Dani McClain and Jodie Tonita ; Principles in practice
  • section 6. Outro, thank yous: Outro ; Gratitude.