The story of life in 25 fossils : tales of intrepid fossil hunters and the wonders of evolution / Donald R. Prothero.

Every fossil tells a story. Prothero recounts the adventures behind the discovery of twenty-five famous, beautifully preserved fossils and explains their significance within the larger fossil record, creating a riveting history of life on our planet.

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Main Author: Prothero, Donald R. (Author)
Format: eBook
Published:New York : Columbia University Press, [2015]
Table of Contents:
  • Planet of the scum. The first fossils : Cryptozoon
  • Garden of Ediacara. The first multicellular life : Charnia
  • "Little shellies." The first shells : Cloudina
  • Oh, give me a home, when the trilobites roamed. The first large shelled animals : Olenellus
  • Is it a worm or an arthropod? The origin of arthropods : Hallucigenia
  • Is it a worm or a mollusc? The origin of molluscs : Pilina
  • Growing from the sea. The origin of land plants : Cooksonia
  • A fishy tale. The origin of vertebrates : Haikouichthys
  • Mega-jaws. The largest fish : Carcharocles
  • Fish out of water. The origin of amphibians : Tiktaalik
  • "Frogamander." The origin of frogs : Gerobatrachus
  • Turtle on the half-shell. The origin of turtles : Odontochelys
  • Walking serpents. The origin of snakes : Haasiophis
  • King of the fish-lizards. The largest marine reptile : Shonisaurus
  • Terror of the seas. The largest sea monster : Kronosaurus
  • Monster flesh-eater. The largest predator : Giganotosaurus
  • Land of the giants. The largest land animal : Argentinosaurus
  • A feather in stone. The first bird : Archaeopteryx
  • Not quite a mammal. The origin of mammals : Thrinaxodon
  • Walking into the water. The origin of whales : Ambulocetus
  • Walking manatees. The origin of sirenians : Pezosiren
  • Dawn horses. The origin of horses : Eohippus
  • Rhinoceros giants. The largest land mammal : Paraceratherium
  • The ape's reflection? The oldest human fossil : Sahelanthropus
  • Lucy in the sky with diamonds. The oldest human skeleton : Australopithecus afarensis
  • Appendix. The best natural history museums.