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Main Author: Ribière, Mireille, 1951-
Format: eBook
Published: Penrith : Humanities-Ebooks, ©2008.
Series:Philosophy insights.
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100 1 |a Ribière, Mireille,  |d 1951- 
245 1 0 |a Barthes /  |c Mireille Ribiere. 
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490 1 |a Philosophy insights 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references (pages 76-79). 
505 0 |a ""Cover ""; ""Copyright and Licence""; ""Frontispiece""; ""Contents ""; ""About the Author""; ""Acknowledgements""; ""1. Barthes in Perspective""; ""2. Mythologies""; ""Critical Distance""; ""Ideology""; ""Literary Form and Ideology""; ""Myth""; ""The Enduring Presence of Myths""; ""Demystification""; ""3. Semiology""; ""Myth as a System of Communication""; ""Saussureâ€?s Definition of the Linguistic Sign""; ""The Mythical Sign""; ""Denotation and Connotation""; ""The Arbitrary Nature of the Linguistic Sign""; ""Semiology""; ""Language and Thought""; ""The Future of Semiology"" 
505 8 |a ""4. New Criticism""""New Interpretations of Past Masterpieces""; ""Conventional Literary Criticism""; ""New Forms of Literary Criticism""; ""The â€?Old Guardâ€? Strikes Back""; ""A Scientific Approach to Literature""; ""5. Structuralism""; ""Language as a Structure""; ""The Origins of Structuralism""; ""The Formalist Approach ""; ""Vladimir Proppâ€?s Analysis of Folk Tales""; ""The Structural Analysis of Narratives""; ""6. Reader, Writer and Text""; ""Lexias and codes""; ""The Five Codes""; ""Codes, Voices, Threads""; ""From Structural Analysis to Textual Analysis "" 
505 8 |a ""From Text to Intertext""""From Author to Reader""; ""Readerly/Writerly""; ""7. Pleasure, the Body and the Self""; ""The Theory of the Text""; ""Writing""; ""The Pleasure of the Text""; ""The Body""; ""Barthes, Writer""; ""8. Barthes and Photography""; ""Camera Lucida/Camera Obscura""; ""The Issue of Specificity""; ""Denotation and Connotation in the Photographic Message""; ""Studium and Punctum""; ""The Essence of Photography""; ""From Science to Pleasure, from Pleasure to Grief""; ""Autobiography""; ""9. Barthesâ€?s Legacy""; ""Literature""; ""Film studies""; ""Hypertext theory"" 
505 8 |a ""Fashion, costume, theatre""""An intellectual model""; ""10. Paradox: a Way of Thinking""; ""Bibliography""; ""Hyperlinked Materials""; ""Humanities Insights"" 
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