The dynamics of business cycles : a study of economic fluctuations / Jan Tinbergen and J.J. Polak.

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Main Author: Tinbergen, Jan, 1903-1994.
Other Authors: Polak, J. J. 1914-2010.
Format: eBook
Published:London ; New York : Routledge, 2005.
Edition:[English ed.].
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100 1 |a Tinbergen, Jan,  |d 1903-1994. 
240 1 0 |a Economische bewegingsleer.  |l English 
245 1 4 |a The dynamics of business cycles :  |b a study of economic fluctuations /  |c Jan Tinbergen and J.J. Polak. 
250 |a [English ed.]. 
260 |a London ;  |a New York :  |b Routledge,  |c 2005. 
300 |a 1 online resource (x, 366 pages) :  |b illustrations 
336 |a text  |b txt  |2 rdacontent 
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338 |a online resource  |b cr  |2 rdacarrier 
347 |a data file  |2 rda 
500 |a Originally published: 1950. 
500 |a Translated from the Dutch. 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
588 0 |a Print version record. 
505 0 |a THE DYNAMICS OF BUSINESS CYCLES A Study of Economic Fluctuations; Copyright; THE DYNAMICS of BUSINESS CYCLES A Study in Economic Fluctuations; Copyright; PREFACE; TABLE OF CONTENTS; Part I. Description; Chapter I. Introduction: Types Of Movements; Elementary Movements; The Components of Composite Movements; The Relationship between the Movements of Two Series; The Relationship among Movements of Three or More Series; Chapter II.Long-Run Developments; Population; Land; Productivity; The Stock of Capital; The Volume of Output; Prices; Financial Development; Changes in Trend after World War I 
505 8 |a Chapter III.Interruptions And Sudden Changes In StructurePeriods of War and Inflation; The Periods of Inflation after 1914 in Germany and France; Minor Interruptions; Sudden Changes in Economic Structure; Chapter IVCyclical Movements; Period; Damping; Timing; Amplitude; Shape; Chapter V Seasonal Fluctuations; Chapter VIRandom Movements; Chapter VIIDifferences Among Individual Countries; Trends; Cycles; Seasonal Patterns; Random Movements; Incidental Events; Chapter VIIIFluctuations In Individual Markets; Hog Cycle; Other Agricultural Cycles; Building Cycles 
505 8 |a Part IIThe Explanation Of Economic FluctuationsChapter IXEconomic Statics And Economic Dynamics; Data and Variables; Statics and Dynamics; Supply and Demand Analysis; Chapter X The Process Of Long-Run Development; The Conditions of Full Utilization of Resources; Simplifying Assumptions; The Basic Relations of the Simplified Model; Distribution of Income; Consequences of Wars; Stagnation; Money; Chapter XIPeriods Of War And Inflation; Inflation in a Closed Economy; The Quantity of Money; Inflation in an Open Economy; Chapter XIILong Waves; Monetary Theories; Other Theories 
505 8 |a Chapter XIIIBusiness-Cycle FluctuationsIntroduction; The Two Money Streams; Fluctuations in Investment; Fluctuations in Consumption; Analysis of Economic Development; Fluctuations in Income; The Main Elements of the Cyclical Process; Example I; Example II; Example III; Example IV; Expansion of Cyclical Models; Summary: Succession of the Different Phases of the Cycle; Oversaving vs. Overinvestment; Economic Structure and Cyclical Patterns; Chapter XIVCyclical Movements In Individual Markets; Introduction; The Hog Market; The Coffee Market; The Two-Year Cycle of Agricultural Products 
505 8 |a The American Market of Residential ConstructionCycles in the Import of Raw Materials; Chapter XVExogenous Movements; Chapter XVITheoretical Postscript; Part IIIBusiness-Cycle Policy; Chapter XVIIIntroduction; Objectives, Criteria, and Instruments; Measurement of Effects; Chapter XVIIIObjectives Of Trend Policy And Business-Cycle Policy; The Volume of Production; The Level of Prices; The Quantity of Money; The Distribution of Income; The Use of Income; Government; Open Economy; Monetary Equilibrium; Chapter XIXIndirect Policies. I. Tax Policies; Classification of Taxes 
546 |a English. 
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650 0 |a Business cycles. 
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700 1 |a Polak, J. J.  |q (Jacques Jacobus),  |d 1914-2010. 
773 |t EBSCOhost Ebook Collection. 
776 0 8 |i Print version:  |a Tinbergen, Jan, 1903-  |s Economische bewegingsleer. English.  |t Dynamics of business cycles.  |b [English ed.].  |d London ; New York : Routledge, 2005  |z 0415321379  |w (OCoLC)56466505 
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